About Us

Himalaya is the largest frozen & canned food processing company of India and has generated employment for over 1200 people directly and over 1000 by way of contract farming in developing regions of India.  And the first Indian Food company to offer an extensive range of products to the US market.


Himalaya Food Company owns and operates two modern (ISO 22000 certified) facilities in North & West India; growing and producing 100% all natural, vegetarian products without the use of chemicals. Nutrition and freshness are retained by simple ways of quick chilling & freezing; or a retorting process without the use of any chemical preservatives.

Annual Production Capabilities:

Mushrooms 10,000 Tons
French Fries 25,000 Tons
Potato Products 9,000 Tons
Appetizers 9,000  Tons
Specialty Cheese & Butter 5,000 Tons
Canned Products 30 Million
Speciality Ice Cream 30 Million Lt
Indian Breads & Curries 1,500 Tons
Indian Sweets & Samosas 1,500 Tons


We love our planet and employ strong recycling habits for all agro and biowaste. We re-purpose it towards compost used in our mushroom houses. The spent compost is then distributed back to the farmers for its organic nitrogen-enriched properties to fertilize their lands.

Man Mohan Malik, Founder, Chairman, and CEO:

Man Mohan MalikWith just a Penny in his pocket in 1979, Mr. Malik started Himalaya with a small greenfield project in a developing region of India. Even though his education had previously revolved around Physics and Law, he quickly became a self-taught business leader.

Mr. Malik believes that failure, hardship, and adversity are all experiences one must endure to succeed in any aspect of one's life. He is committed to the entity of Himalaya that he created almost 40 years ago and insists on taking a hands-on approach towards all aspects of its affairs. He demonstrates a passion for the welfare of his employees, farmers and the surrounding community, and consistently innovates new practices to cherish our planet by reducing the carbon footprint of Himalaya.

Times Group Books: The man who lost it all and won.

Sanjiv Kakkar, Co-Founder & President:

Sanjiv studied marine engineering in college because he was passionate about creating elegant systems to solve complex problems - and because he wanted to work at a global scale. After earning his degree he did just that, becoming a highly coveted Chief engineer on several commercial ships and making their business possible across 6 continents. In the process, he learned an incredible amount about doing business across the world and across cultures. As the co-founder of Himalaya, he uses that understanding of the international business landscape to make Himalaya successful in the gargantuan North American market. In 1996, with extremely limited resources, he was able to develop relationships in the US and Canada that have been crucial to Himalaya’s success. Sanjiv has been the architect of marketing strategy for North America, where he has worked on piercing the market since 1996. In the 20 years since then, he has built Himalaya into a global brand with a strong footprint across the continent.

Man Mohan & Sanjiv believe in the power of dedication and Innovation. Amidst the worldwide recession of 2010, they mustered the courage to set up their second and the largest greenfield food project in India. Through their creativity, courage, motivation and the invaluable zeal & support of the Himalaya team, the company has reached the new takeoff point and is geared to grow exponentially over the next decade.

The Board of Directors

  • Mr. Man Mohan Malik - Managing Director & Chairman
  • Mr. Sanjiv Kakkar - Executive Director & President
  • Ms. Sangita Malik - Executive Director
  • Mr. Sunil Kumar - Non-Executive-Independent Director
  • Mr. Surendra Kumar - Non-Executive-Independent Director
  • Ms. Neelam Khanna - Non-Executive-Independent Director